Maarten Nielsen Gerlach



Maarten Nielsen Gerlach



Maarten Nielsen Gerlach (1960)

After working for many years as a graphic designer and photographer with a real estate developer, Maarten decided in 2009 to concentrate on a career as an independant photographer and designer. Since 2014, Maarten has developed into one of the leading artists in the Netherlands.

'My works come from amazement at the contrast in the world around us. Old and new, nature and culture, human and animal, movement and peace, raw and polished. I see beauty in everything'

'The basis for my work is photography. With cutting edge computer techniques I can merge Pop-Art and Street-Art into a new, fresh modern reality. Often with humour, and always surprising.'


2013 Gallery Zeedijk Amsterdam

2013 Poll's Potten Amsterdam

2013 Town Hall Amsterdam

2014 Museum Prinsenhof Delft

2014 Own Pop-up gallery Delft

2014 Exposition at Excellent Art Utrecht

2015 Blue Market Delft

2015 Permanent exposition at LU-ST Delft

2016 Exposition at White Turf St.Moritz Switzerland


Photography courtesy of Marianne Q